The Housing Policy Leadership Academy is an intensive learning opportunity open to leaders and influencers who want to better understand and be able to advance solutions to address our housing affordability crisis. Those who are new to housing, as well as those who are experienced in housing policy but are looking to expand their knowledge, are encouraged to apply. Each class is carefully curated to assure that the cohort is comprised of a range of professionals from varying disciplines and backgrounds.
Through this program, we are working to expand and develop an on-going network of informed, passionate housing policy advocates committed to creating healthy housing markets for all.


Our culture of collaboration with community leaders helps advocate for innovative changes to relieve the housing crisis in America. Everything we do is dedicated to ensuring our students have the opportunity to make a difference in their communities, equipped with the multidisciplinary tools needed to accelerate answers to our world’s most pressing issues.

Comprehensive Program Designed for Impact

  1. HPLA Foundations and Overview
  2. Framing the Housing Crisis: Issues and Interconnectivity
  3. Housing Policy and Planning: Federal, State, and Local
  4. Market Rate Housing Development
  5. Affordable Housing Development
  6. Ending Homelessness: What Works and Why
  7. Protecting Renters and Preventing Displacement
  8. The Path Forward: Regional and Local Housing Policy

HPLA Sponsorships and Interest List

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Interested in Sponsorship?

If you know an organization that would like to sponsor the Housing Policy Leadership Academy, encourage them to learn more about the Academy or leave us appropriate contact information in the form below and we’ll reach out to them.

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